Get Advertised, Be Marketed

          It is the mission of BJC Products, LLC to provide manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers with a mass online presence, sales, customer service representation, and/or branding assistance through a simple and smooth process. It is also a goal to provide retail customers access to quality product information, a trustworthy purchase, and amazing customer service at a great value.


         BJC Products, LLC offers advertising and marketing opportunities. We can advertise for you on our website and drive traffic where you need it to go. Also, we provide product marketing services that include getting your product seen on such sites as Amazon, eBay, Sears, Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping,, and many others. We can also provide checkout services, customer relationship services, and / or assistance with branding. More information on this opportunity will be made available soon, but contact us now to inquire.


Contact Us to inquire about how we can provide marketing and advertising services to you.